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Our Work With
The Incarcerated

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The Road To Life Transformation Is A Challenging One

Beyond The Shackles is a beacon of light to assist with the navigation of this journey. 

Our Work

Our goal is to bring hope to men and women who are incarcerated, both physically, as well as in their hearts and minds, through the execution of the three, "E's":

Education - Encouragement - Empowerment 

We achieve this through the vehicles of in-prison programming, utilization of theatrical productions and other performing arts, motivational speakers, spiritual programs and conferences, Life Elevation Coaching, and for those who desire, individual counseling.

Our Spiritual Programs, Conferences, and Life Coaching are also extended to those who reside outside of prison walls, but find that they need the resources offered to assist them with the achievement of personal goals for emotional freedom,  life purpose identification and fulfillment.

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